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Almost all systems, controls and devices in the industry contain digital solutions. These industrial solutions must be equipped with suitable hardware and mechanics. This is the only way to create efficient and high-performance overall systems. Digital Elektronik develops customer-specific industrial solutions and then manufactures them: From the metal assembly to the populated printed circuit board to the complete – assembled and tested – component. 
For example, we are currently supplying customers in the industrial sector with complete parking machines, scanners for lottery tickets, control devices including motors for sewage systems and air purification devices. In addition, we are promoting the certification of the tested and approved overall device – regardless of whether the development was carried out by us or by another body. 

We will be happy to answer your questions about your industrial product requirements.

Industrial­ solutions

We offer the following core disciplines for your industrial solution:

Design and conzept

Every product starts with the idea of or the solution to a customer problem. Then we create a concept. We also think about product design. Together with our design partner, we support the generation of ideas in workshops. A concept can be verified and optimized over several iterations either by 3D modelling (digital prototype), 3D printing or entire models – which are manufactured in our factories. We also validate the electronics and a basic functionality of the software without delay.


The next step is production. The greatest advantage for you is the combination of all necessary core competencies under one roof at Digital Elektronik. We also have a large network of suppliers. That makes us the right partner for cost-efficient solutions with high quality at the same time. We are happy to take over production for solutions that have already been developed.

Field test phase

Products with high complexity require on the one hand technology testing in the field or in the specific application, and on the other hand acceptance by the end customer or user. At the end of this phase, the product is improved further until it is market-ready.


The development is based on the concept and can be repeatedly validated by the customer using multi-stage prototypes. At the same time, the documentation is created, and certifications and approvals are advanced.

Johannes Auer

CEO, Digital Elektronik

The feedback from our customers in the industrial sector shows us that at Digital Elektronik we offer two decisive advantages: On the one hand, our very broad technical know-how, and on the other hand, that we can act as a full-service provider. This means that there are no unnecessary surcharges for customers, and valuable time and money are saved.

Core technologies

For the industrial sector, we offer the following core technologies with which the most diverse applications in the industrial sector can be solved:

Mechanics / enclosure construction

Regardless of whether the enclosure is made of sheet metal/welded construction, die-cast aluminium or a high-strength injection-moulded part made of plastic: In combination with the surface treatment, we always find the right solution to meet all requirements for various environmental influences, as well as impermeability or burglary protection. 

Digital Elektronik Mechanical


In the industrial sector, electronics primarily control communication. Be it the interaction with humans or with other machines. This is done using a wide variety of communication technologies. Security, robustness and a high level of reliability over a long period of time are required here – this applies to the included software too.

Digital Elektronik Electronic

Display / Human Machine Interface

The display as a human-machine interface is a central component of every industrial solution. Depending on the requirements and customer wishes, you can choose from a very affordable and customizable membrane keyboard with a display to large-scale, high-resolution display options with multi-touch capability and optical bonding. 

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Robert Grubinger

Sales & Customer Care