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At Digital Elektronik, Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is characterised by the highest quality thanks to full function control, a comprehensive range of services from procurement to commissioning and internal test equipment construction. Complete traceability is one of the key factors in EMS. At Digital Elektronik, all components and assemblies can be traced back to a specific batch.

Full function control – also with robotic assistance

Internal test equipment construction

Complete traceability

Electronics manufacturing services at a glance

Our services in EMS cover the procurement process, complete logistics including traceability of all components and assemblies, the Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) assembly as well as the final production. The testing, commissioning and shipping of the assemblies complete our range of EMS.

Procurement process

Before the actual procurement process for EMS begins, we focus on the technical clarification of the customer requirements. Our Product Data Management team elaborates the key points together with the customer: We specify the defined components, but also develop proposals for cost optimisation. Based on the parts lists, our purchasing department initiates the optimal procurement process for EMS – depending on the customer requirements, the focus can either be on very fast leadtimes or cost optimisation. Thanks to different procurements sources – from direct sourcing from the manufacturer to distribution – we have achieved maximum flexibility in this regard.

Procurement process

Logistics and Traceability

Thanks to our logistics process, we achieve on-time delivery and 100% quality in EMS. On the one hand, this is designed to be very efficient: From the delivery of the goods to the delivery of the assemblies, we rely on a very high degree of automation. This ranges from lean warehousing to fully-automated assembly and robot-assisted testing. On the other hand, we achieve the highest quality through complete traceability and the exact recording of all assembly parameters in the manufacturing process.

Bild zeigt Logistik und Traceability in der EMS Fertigung bei Digital Elektronik

SMT – Manufacturing

In addition to the actual production process, our SMT manufacturing offers additional quality controls, for example, process monitoring or an integrated SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) system from Kohyoung. Both high-speed lines are completely identical: This enables us to achieve a high level of flexibility and reliability in our EMS. Three JUKI RS-1R each with integrated high-resolution camera systems, automatic adjustment and double-sided component feed in combination with stick feeders or trays serve as pick and place machines. The printer is an EKRA series 4000 and a soldering furnace with multiple zones of SMT. The raw circuit board feed and the stacking of the soldered assemblies are carried out by fully automated systems. Tasks with high quantities and few component variations as well as prototype production are covered with a third production line.

SMT - Manufacturing

THT – Manufacturing

A fully automatic wave soldering system with a very high throughput and 8 partially-automated assembly tables are available for THT manufacturing. The soldering templates for the respective assemblies are manufactured in-house. They are available within a very short time. We meet special requirements in EMS with our execution and manual soldering stations. Continuous process control ensures the highest quality. Optionally, each assembly can be cleaned with our circuit board cleaning system.

Bestückung THT Digital Elektronik

Testing and Commissioning

At the end of the EMS process, there is testing and commissioning. Inline tests (e.g.: SPI Solder Paste Inspection) and batch tests (e.g.: AOI Automated Optical Inspection) are carried out during production. In addition, extensive options for assembly testing and commissioning are available. This ranges from system tests – including the installation of firmware – to robot-assisted in-circuit tests. Boundary scan tests and individual product-specific tests round off the range.

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