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Lighting technology

Since 1993, Digital Elektronik has been developing and manufacturing customer-specific LED technology lighting solutions for the industrial, architectural and medical sectors. Our range of services in LED technology ranges from the joint elaboration of customer requirements to development to series production.

Thanks to our partner network, we can also deliver the complete package to our customers: We develop and produce your specific light. In the industrial sector, we mostly integrate functional lights into existing systems. In the field of architecture, we meet the need for aesthetically pleasing, minimalist solutions. In medical technology, we bring ergonomics and functionality in line with specific guidelines. 

You have questions about the selection of suitable LED technology, components for lighting technology, optics development, tool making or surface technology?

LED technology expertise

An overall LED concept consists of the light source in the form of LEDs in addition to optics, housing, LED drivers and control technology. Digital Elektronik offers you expertise and experience in all areas of LED technology. 

LED technology optics

The LED is always used in combination with the optics that provide the image and the desired appearance. We work with all common LED types and manufacturers. Depending on the application, the LEDs are applied directly or on a printed circuit board. In addition, protective electronics and sensors, such as for temperature or brightness, can also be integrated. The materials for the optics range from glass to vapor-coated plastics to silicone optics. We meet the requirements of the lighting concept.

Lighting / enclosure technology

In order to protect and seal the lighting from environmental influences, an appropriate enclosure solution must be created for the application. In addition, the enclosure is used to dissipate heat. The choice of enclosure materials depends on the application and the number of pieces and ranges from recessed floor lights to glazing that can withstand several tons.

LED driver & control technology

A driver is required to operate an LED. This is individually tailored to and developed for the application. The focus is on the quality of light – especially flickering: High efficiency and robustness are a basic requirement. The LED driver can be positioned directly next to the LED, but also up to 1 km away from the light, as is the case, for example with tunnel lighting. Communication systems such as DALI or DMX are used to control multiple lights across the board. Wireless or wired solutions are available. The desired rate of change can reach several hundred changes per second. For large systems, we deliver a complete solution up to the control cabinet.

Certification and testing

At Digital Elektronik, every light developed is subjected to extensive tests. We carry out temperature, service life and EMC tests. In addition, we obtain external certifications such as ENEC or UL for our LED lighting technology as standard. “At Digital Elektronik, our specialty is to convert theoretical lighting concepts into easily serviceable practice. Special conditions, such as an installation at extreme heights or in extreme temperature conditions, make projects particularly exciting.” says Johannes Auer, CEO of Digital Elektronik

Johannes Auer

CEO, Digital Elektronik

At Digital Elektronik, our specialty is to convert theoretical lighting concepts into easily serviceable practice. Special conditions, such as an installation at extreme heights or in extreme temperature conditions, make LED technology projects particularly exciting. 

Selected projects:

Dubai Arena / Coca Cola Arena lighting

Implementation period: 1.5 years from development to installation. 
In 2018, Digital Elektronik won the entire order for the development and production of complete facade lighting for the largest arena in Dubai. Each light can be adjusted individually with the help of a motor. Associated with this: quick installation, easy serviceability and, as a result, enormous cost savings for the customer. 
The special light has a very high efficiency and a high temperature resistance up to 80°C. The integrated LED driver can display different colours 30 times per second. The special optics with reflector required for the application provide a close line image. 

Dubai Arena Digital Elektronik


Since 2006, Digital Elektronik has been developing and manufacturing special LED solutions for Mecca in Saudi Arabia. 
The scope of services ranges from the conception, in collaboration with the customer and the construction site team, to development to production and installation. 
The impressive result of this collaboration: The four largest clocks in the world with a length of 45 m are illuminated with 768,000 LED modules. Four of the largest media walls were equipped with LED lighting technology over 70 m.  


In addition to special LED lights, Digital Elektronik manufactures and develops standard systems for office applications. Together with two partners, Digital Elektronik has developed acoustically effective ceiling elements with high-power LEDs. In addition to the design requirements, functionality was a decisive factor. Thanks to the high-power LEDs inside, the elements emit brilliant, glare-free light that can be adjusted from warm to cold white.


Operating lamp

In 2004, Digital Elektronik developed and manufactured the first light made entirely of LEDs. The challenge lies in strict compliance with medical standards and safe control (see the Medical Technology section for details).
Operating lamp

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