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How does an idea turn into the perfect product?

The passion for the product is what inspires our development in electronics and mechanics.

You have an idea, and we as a production partner provide everything in our power to bring this to market readiness and accompany you through the entire process.

Together we develop new possibilities. From A to Z. From the first sketch to the finished series. And beyond.

DIGITAL ELEKTRONIK unterstützt Sie mit Technologie, Technik und Know-how in der Produktion MARK T P R O D U K T I D E E

What drives your market?

If anyone knows the answer,
then it is you.

Consumers and products are changing, markets and cycles are changing. And sometimes you need the right partner to react faster and better in such volatile situations.

We are this partner, that will help you to achieve higher quality even faster in your market.

What will happen if possibility meets implementation?

Maybe something new. Maybe something better. Or perhaps an idea is completely reconsidered.

From the very first meeting, we see ourselves as development partner for our customers. It does not matter if we've been working together for decades or have just started our collaboration. Together the future is created. With passion. With appreciation and the certain dash of perfection.

What will a common future bring?

Everyone looking at business for the short term may overlook the possibilities inherent in a partnership with Digital Elektronik.

We think further ahead than the next batch and always from a customer-oriented perspective. We speak openly about things - and deal therefore with many problems even before they arise.

For example, we have come to know that certain components will be discontinued in the near future, or that significant price increases will occur. Then we search for new possibilities to achieve a sustainable future together with our customers.

That too is:


What is the special aspect about working with us?

Kontinuierliche Entwicklung und konsequente Zusammenarbeit Mit nur einem Ansprechpartner für alle Belange Schnellerer Markt- eintritt bei gleichzeitig höherer Qualität im Endprodukt
From prototyping to after-sales, we are the stable manufacturing partner you can rely upon.
Our project manager takes care for your issues personally from A to Z and is always up to date in your project.
That creates excellent products which will drive your market.

Why can we always perform the bit better?

Because we can act as a family-owned company with even more flexibility than others.
Production Logistics R&D Management Production Logistics R&D Management
We are not thinking in the short term, but rather appreciate long-term prospects that we work on with our customers. Our performance promise won't stop with production. We support our customers far beyond this with pleasure. Some of them have appreciated this for almost 40 years. And this trust in us speaks for itself.