Know How

Know How

Our core competence is the combination of development, production and problem solving.

How we work

By interlinking development and production, we can get the best of both worlds: Experience from production supports our development from the start. With every project. Feedback from the prototype phase and the pilot series is incorporated into the finalisation of the product.

Our manufacturing process is (c)lean: we pursue clean and lean processes, just like our company is clean and lean.

FMEA is not an alien concept to us, but a lived practice. As part of our development process, we avoid errors before they occur. In the first prototype phase, we identify and evaluate the causes of errors. This process saves you time and money.

Our high level of production is not only due to well-considered processes. At Digital Elektronik, people with many years of experience work together with young colleagues who, among other things, come from the company’s own apprenticeship training program. The balance of experience and “a breath of fresh air” ensures innovative production.

The development team is also characterized by an innovative way of working. The 40-strong team likes to pursue new approaches and technologies. Participation in research projects goes hand-in-hand with our daily activities.

We secure the – decisive – lead in procurement for our customers thanks to our supplier network. In this way, we can use the knowledge of the best partners in the field of highly specialized manufacturing technologies.

Regulated standards – for your safety

Management systems provide a framework. A quality management system in practice in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 gives you the assurance that our systemic process concept at Digital Elektronik corresponds to day-to-day practice. In addition, an audited environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 gives you legal certainty in all environmental matters.

In addition, all of our products have been developed in accordance with the required standards such as machine safety or the safety of electrical devices. This includes CE marking, UL certification, EMC tests and much more. Our customers can operate with confidence in global markets.


Nowadays, environmental awareness is becoming more and more important and the improper disposal of waste is increasingly endangering our environment and surroundings.
The waste that is disposed of usually contains numerous problematic substances, making correct disposal all the more important.

Not all waste is rubbish in the traditional sense. Electrical and electronic devices contain dangerous components, but also valuable raw materials. These two aspects explain, among other things, why electrical and electronic equipment do not belong in conventional residual waste. On the one hand, valuable materials are wasted, and on the other hand, we damage ourselves and our environment.

Target setting
Digital Elektronik GmbH also attaches great importance to environmental awareness, with which products are developed and produced with the premise of achieving a long service life.

In the end, however, there comes a point where the product has to be disposed of, and Digital Elektronik GmbH offers our customers the necessary support by means of recycling instructions.

Approach (solution / procedure)
In order to comply with the WEEE directive 2012/19/EU, Digital Elektronik guarantees efficient and effective return of old devices.

If you have old devices that were produced by Digital Elektronik GmbH and that fall within the scope of the WEEE directive, please contact to initiate the return.