Mechatronics for medical technology

Modern healthcare systems through mechatronics

Modern and contemporary care of people through our health system requires many technical aids from a wide variety of core technologies and core disciplines of mechatronics. 
At Digital Elektronik, the areas of application in medical technology range from lighting systems in operating theatres to components for laboratory analysis devices. For us, it is essential to assess risks and comply with the required quality standards in all phases. 

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Mechatronics for medical technology at Digital Elektronik

In parallel with the design and concept creation, we conduct a risk analysis and carry out the associated classification of the product at the beginning of the development phase. This is essential in order to be able to implement possible changes more quickly and easily at a later point in time, as side effects and effects on certifications and approvals can be precisely assessed. Valuable time is saved, and unnecessary loops are avoided. 
Functionality and certification are promoted in parallel during development. In this way, an optimized lead time is achieved. In addition, we continuously coordinate the process with the customer by forming an interdisciplinary team of project managers, electronics technicians, mechanics and firmware developers. 
The advantage of close communication with customers is particularly evident in the production phase. Component discontinuations or changes to the scope of delivery always have an effect on the certification. We are optimally positioned for this with our teams for technical clarification and quality assurance. 

Johannes Auer

CEO, Digital Elektronik

In medical technology, the certification and approval of a product is crucial. We think through all the necessary components and are specialists in effective processing. 

Technologies for medical engineering

Operating environment

Since 2003, Digital Elektronik has been developing and manufacturing control electronics, LED drivers, mechatronic actuators, sensors and the necessary cabling in the operating environment. This extends to the integration of camera systems and Linux-based computers in fail-safe products.


Digital networking is also advancing in the medical sector. Whether monitoring the presence of patients in bed or controlling medical components wirelessly and safely – Digital Elektronik offers the right solution.


In the medical sector, entering and displaying information for the person treating the patient requires simple cleaning and sterile conditions in addition to safe operation. Here, for example, we offer a wide variety of solutions through haptic feedback, smooth and durable surfaces or display solutions that are quick and easy to read.


Especially in the laboratory environment, samples must be moved precisely and quickly. For this purpose, Digital Elektronik offers expertise for motors, gears, application-specific mechanics and the corresponding control electronics.


The range of sensors used in medical technology ranges from temperature sensors on electronic components to complex camera systems in the operating environment. In addition, special optical components are used for spectral analysis in analysis devices.


We consider all the necessary components for the certification and approval of the mechatronic product right from the start. Our Project Managers have many years of experience and know the standards and processes. We’re used to actively participate in our customers’ risk analyses and incorporating our process know-how.

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